Saddle Leather 8 Slot Watch Winder Safe



- Automatic Watch Winder Safe
- 8 Soft Watch Winder Cushions
- Strong Reinforced Lock Bolt
- Intelligent Touch Screen
- High Quality Microfibre Leather Exterior w/ Black Interior
- LED Energy Saving Lamp
- Silent Rotations
- Anti-Magnetization
- Japanese Mabuchi Motor
- 1 Year Warranty
- 5 Motor Functions Enabling Clockwise or Counter Clockwise Rotations


Security and protection is key when owning an exquisite watch collection. This watch winder safe is perfect to wind your watches and store your valuables. This watch winder comes in 3 sizes that contain either 4, 8 or 12 watch slots. The exterior of the watch safe is lined with a stunning brown pu leather with strong white stitching. When opened by using the electronic code lock with double security, displays the touch screen and watch winder slots. This watch winder safe has 5 different motor functions to wind your watches. They will wind in silence with the Japanese mabuchi motor. Finally, with the reinforced bolt lock you can sleep with a peace of mind, knowing your watch collection is safe and secure.

10 Major Features:
- Low Energy Consumption
- Touch Screen
- Security Lock & Double Alarm
- Electronic Locking System
- Reinforced Bolt Lock
- Silent Motor
- LED Light
- Prevents Magnetisation
- Maduchi Motor
- 1 Year Warranty Motor Function Works For 12 Hours & Stops For 12 Hours Every Day

Rotation Options:
- Clockwise
- Counter Clockwise
- Alternating Clockwise & Counter Clockwise

5 Modes:
1: TDP 650 - Goes for 1 min, Stops for 571s Cycle
2: TDP 750 - Goes for 1 min, Stops for 487s Cycle
3: TDP 850 - Goes for 1 min, Stops for 423s Cycle
4. TDP 1000 - Goes for 1 min, Stops for 350s Cycle
5. TDP 1950 - Goes for 1 min, Stops for 150s Cycle

- Due to this watch winder being made in our Westhill international warehouse, we appreciate your patience for the 14 day delivery timeframe.
- Please make sure the watches are tightly fixed on the pillow before you put them into the case.
- Please do not stop or remove watches by hand during operation.
- Please remove the battery and adapter if you don't use this winder for a long time period of time.
- This watch winder should be placed away from any magnetic object.
- This winder comes with a power plug but does not come with batteries.
- Please do not manually spin the rotator as this will damage your watch winder.
 Please use the adaptor included in your watch winder package or use exactly the same voltage output adaptor as mentioned: I/P: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.2A O/P: DC3V,1.5mA. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us.

- Watch Winder Safe Australian Plug Watch Winder
- Manual Authenticity Card Key
- 1 Year Warranty & Warranty


Watch Winder Dimensions: 26cm x 42.5cm x 22.5cm
Weight: 18kg


Please Note: This watch winder is made to order. Once ordered, it will take a minimum of 30 days to make and deliver this watch winder. We do give our sincere apology for the delay in delivery. Due to covid there has been large delays in shipping and port processing times. We thank you for your patience and we know the wait will be well worth it.