Classic 2-Slot Automatic Watch Winder


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- **MADE TO ORDER** See Shipping tab for more info
- 2-Slot Automatic Watch Winder
- Wood Exterior With High Quality Microfibre Interior
- 2 Telescopic Watch Slots
- Remote Control Operation
- Antimagnetic
- 5 Different Modes Enabling Rotation Clockwise or Counterclockwise
- Whisper-Quiet Silent Operation
- Smart Technology Chip Keeps Watches Spinning
- Fourth Generation Japanese Motor


This Classic 2-Slot Automatic Watch Winder features a beautiful timeless design which is perfect for your luxury timepieces. This item is made of high quality materials to match with the style and design of your watches. It also includes technological features which takes your watch storing to the next level.

This automatic watch winder has a thick and solid wood Frame exterior, which is sanded and then glossed with a beautiful piano black lacquer. The top panel has a shiny mahogany color, while the interior of this case is lined with cream coloured microfibre material to protect your watches. You can store up to 2 watches that each have their own telescopic slot. 5 rotation modes are available which you can adjust with the turn of the knob.

10 Major Features:
• Low Energy Consumption
• Telescopic Watch Pillows
• Remote Control Operation
• Silent Operation
• Anti-Magnetisation
• Tempered Glass Panel
• High-Class Microfibre Interior
• 4th Generation Japanese Motor
• Piano Laquer
• 1 Year Warranty

Motor Function:
Works For 12 Hours And Stops For 12 Hours Everyday

Rotation Options:
• Clockwise
• Counter Clockwise
• Alternating Clockwise And Counter Clockwise

Mode 1: 650 Laps Per Day
Mode 2: 750 Laps Per Day
Mode 3: 850 Laps Per Day
Mode 4: 1,000 Laps Per Day
Mode 5: 1,950 Laps Per Day

• We would appreciate your patience for the 14-day delivery timeframe as all of our watch winders are being made and shipped via the Westhill international website.
• Please make sure the watches are tightly fixed into their pillows before you insert them into the case.
• Please do not stop or remove watches by hand during the cycle operation.
• Please remove the battery and adapter if you do not plan on using this winder for a long period of time.
• This watch winder should be placed away from any magnetic object.
• This winder comes with a power plug but does not come with batteries.
• Please do not manually spin the rotator as this will damage your watch winder.

• Please use the adaptor included in your watch winder package or the voltage output adaptor as mentioned: I/P: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.2A O/P: DC3V,1.5mA.
• If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us.

Classic 2-Slot Automatic Watch
AU Plug
Instruction Manual
Westhill Authenticity Card


Watch Winder Dimensions:24.5cm x 18cm x 18.5cm
Weight: 3.05kg


Please Note: All of our Premium Watch Winders & Safes are MADE TO ORDER.

Our Premium Winders vary in production times due to the size or complexity of the mechanics. Please see approx. Production + Shipping Times below:

Watch Winders: 25 Days

Small Watch Safes: 30 Days

Large Watch Safes: 45 Days

Once your order has been place, we will get production started right away and inform you of how the process is going. Due to covid there has been a few delays in shipping and port processing times, although we will do all we can to ensure your new watch winder is in your hands as quick as possible. We thank you for your patience and we know the wait will be well worth it.