Carbon Fibre Westhill Elite Watch Safe – L



⁃ Solid Carbon Alloy Cabinet
⁃ 10 Layered High Gloss Paint
⁃ Hand Polished Stainless Steel Handle
⁃ Double Alarm Safety Lock
⁃ Melansi Multi Point Locking System
⁃ Comes with bolts so the watch safe can be bolted to the floor.

⁃ 20 Watch Winder Slots Available – Although This Can Be Customised To Fit You Watch Safe Requirements
⁃ Extra Soft Pressed Flannelette Cushioning
⁃ 5 Motor Functions Enabling Clockwise or Counter Clockwise Rotations
⁃ LED Touch Screen Control Panel
⁃ 2 Large Draws w/ Choice of Interior Fabric + Design
⁃ LED Energy Saving Ambient Lighting – 6 Colours To Choose From w/ 24 Colour Alterations
⁃ Silent Winding
⁃ Anti-Magnetisation
⁃ This Watch Safe Comes With An AU Plug
⁃ Able To Be Bolted To Wall Or Floor Upon Request


Elevate your watch collection to new heights with our Carbon Fibre Westhill Elite Watch Safe in a spacious large size. Expertly crafted by our skilled team, this safe features a solid carbon alloy cabinet and double alarm safety lock for unrivalled security. Customise the interior with plush cushioning and LED controls, ensuring your watches are impeccably stored and displayed. Trust Westhill Watch Boxes for luxury, quality, and peace of mind.

Winding Functions:
Rotation Options:
⁃ Clockwise
⁃ Counter Clockwise
⁃ Alternating Clockwise & Counter Clockwise

5 Winding Modes:
1. On/Off
2: Rotates Clockwise for 2 min, Stops for 6 min – Cycle
3: Rotates Counter Clockwise for 2 min, Stops for 6 min – Cycle
4: Rotates a pattern of Clockwise & Counter Clockwise for 2 min in each direction, Stops for 6 min – Cycle
5. Rotates alternatively in a Clockwise & Counter Clockwise for 5 min, Repeats for 3 hours, Stops for 9 hours, Then Repeat – Cycle

Touch Screen Settings:
1. Watch Winder Selection
2. Stop / Pause / Start
3. Operations Speed Mode
4. Direction of Rotation
5. All – Select All For Rotation Settings
6. Lighting Control

Watch Safe Customisation Options Include:
Our watch safes are fully customisable, allowing you to optimise organisation and storage efficiency by tailoring elements such as winders, drawers, open area, material, and more to your preferences.

Watch Winder Slots:
⁃ Select the number and configuration of watch winders to suit your collection’s needs.

Draw Options For Configuration
Multiple Watch Slots Draw :
⁃ Organise and showcase your watch collection effortlessly with designated slots designed to securely hold multiple timepieces.

Versatile Compartment Draw:
⁃ Tailor your storage solution to your specific needs with multiple compartments available for organising jewellery, watch accessories, and other valuable items efficiently.

Flexible Bottom Storage Space:
⁃ Located at the base of our watch safes is a spacious open area offering ample room to safeguard larger valuables of your choosing. This versatile space can be tailored to accommodate your specific size requirements or desired functionality, ensuring seamless integration with your storage needs.

Material Options:
⁃ Select from a variety of materials to match your desired look and functionality. We offer popular interior colours and designs, and for further customisation, choose from materials like Carbon Fibre, MDF with piano painting, PU leather, or plant skin leathers in your preferred colour. For more information or customisation inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re dedicated to helping you create the ideal watch safe tailored to your preferences.

Bolting Options:
Should you desire to secure your watch safe to the floor and/or wall, kindly reach out to our team with your precise requirements. We will promptly arrange for the necessary perforations to be made to accommodate your bolting preferences.

Sizes + Weight:
⁃ Size S :H80 x D60 x L45cm , 190kg
⁃ Size M:H120 x D60 x L50cm, 250kg
⁃ Size L: H170 x D70 x L60cm, 370kg

FAQs, Optimisation & Notes
⁃ These watch safes come with bolts what allow you to bolt the safe to the floor or wall. Instructions will come with the watch safe.
⁃ Please make sure the watches are tightly fixed on the pillow before you put them into the case.
⁃ Please do not stop or remove watches by hand during operation.
⁃ Please remove the battery and adapter if you don’t use this winder for a long time period of time.
⁃ This watch winder should be placed away from any magnetic object.
⁃ Please do not manually spin the rotator as this will damage your watch winder.

Cash Rating:
– We have an Anti Theft B3 rating. – Cash Rating: £6,000 & Valuables: £60,000

Fire Resistance:
– Fire rating 2-4 hours.

Lead Time:
Stock Watch Winder Safe Delivery Time:
For those interested in acquiring one of our “stock” watch winder safes showcased in the photos, rest assured that we can have it meticulously crafted and promptly dispatched to your location within 25-35 days. days. Simply order it from our site and will we have it put into production right away.

Customised Watch Winder Safe Delivery Time:
Should you desire any customisation to tailor your watch safe to your preferences, our dedicated team stands ready to facilitate a seamless process for you. Simply reach out to our specialised staff proficient in our watch safes, and they will expedite the design and specifications phase efficiently. Upon finalising the design, our production team will need around 7-12 days to complete the build and shipping typically take approximately 20 days to deliver your bespoke watch safe.

At our Westhill Watch Boxes, we are dedicated to delivering superior quality in every aspect of our watch safes. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide a comprehensive warranty program designed to safeguard your investment.
⁃ 2-Year Warranty for Replacement Due to Non-Human Damage
⁃ Free Replacement of Damaged Parts within a generous five-year period from the date of purchase.
⁃ Friendly support with servicing and maintaining your watch safe.
⁃ Continued support beyond the warranty period.

Watch Winder Safe
Power Plug
Installation + User Manual

Watch Winder Dimensions: 170cm x 70cm x 60cm
Weight: 370kg

Please Note: All of our Premium Watch Winders & Safes are MADE TO ORDER.

Our Premium Winders vary in production times due to the size or complexity of the mechanics. Please see approx. Production times,

Watch Winders: 20 Days
Small Watch Safes: 30 Days
Large Watch Safes: 45 Days

Once your order has been place, we will get production started right away and inform you of how the process is going. Due to covid there has been a few delays in shipping and port processing times, although we will do all we can to ensure your new watch winder is in your hands as quick as possible. We thank you for your patience and we know the wait will be well worth it

If you have any questions at all simply contact us and our team will be happy to help.


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